Sotai Dosa
Basic exercises
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Introduction to koryu no kata
By using the 5 handblade methods and 8 partner exercises, we can understand many techniques from the koryu no kata.
The 5 handblade methods ( uchi mawashi, soto mawashi, uchi gaeshi, soto gaeshi and o-mawashi are the fundamental elements of the sotai undo or partner exercises.
Sotai Undo
Sotai undo is a set of movements devised by Kenji Tomiki around 1950-1952, and taught in the United Kingdom by Senta Yamada. The Sotai Undo uses the kuzushi-no-ri principle (disturbing balance principle). In these exercises the use of good posture, proper balance, correct movement and use of the handblade are explored. Basically we can say the sotai undo are disturbing balance exercises by using the handblade.
There are 8 forms based on 4 basic handblade movements and 2 ways of gripping the wrist (omote dori and ura dori), in ai gamae (regular posture) or gyaku gamae (reverse posture).
The 8 forms are divided into 2 parts :
  • 4-hon kuzushi (2 hineri methods - pronation, 2 gaeshi methods - supination)
  • 4-hon tenkai kuzushi (2 hineri methods, 2 gaeshi methods)
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